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Friends, have you also searched about the Full Form of 5S, what does 5S stand For, what is 5S full form and what is 5S, etc, And you are disappointed because not getting a satisfactory answer so you have come to the right place know the basics about what is the 5S system, 5S meaning in English, what is 5S means and what is the meaning of 5S, etc.

Friends, a successful business model adopted some very useful system and that system makes that business more successful. 5S is a very powerful system adopted by many companies for growth and development. So in many books you often get to see and hear the name of the 5S system then the idea comes to your mind that after all what is 5S and what is 5S Full Form. Today I will make you aware of all the meaning of 5S so stay till the end of the article.

What is 5S and 5S full form?

5S Full Form | What Is The Meaning Of 5S, Friends, have you also searched about Full Form of 5S, what does 5S stand For, what is 5S full form and what is 5S, etc, And you are disappointed because not getting a satisfactory answer so you have come to the right place to know the basics about what is 5S system, 5S meaning in English, what is 5S means and what is the full form of 5S, etc.

5S Full Form

5S is made up of Japanese words that begin with the letter “S“.









सही चयन / छंटाई




सुसज्जित करना













What Is 5S?

The 5S methodology is a way of working that is designed to improve efficiency and reduce the chances of accidents. It also helps to improve productivity.

What Is The Meaning Of 5S?

In the working area, there is always a challenge of Good quality of product, less cost, Safety standards, and cleanliness. By applying 5S in your company you can easily solve all the issues. 5S also checks that the employees’ enthusiasm for work remains intact. All the employees from the top level to the lower level are disciplined and trained.

What Is 5S System?

The 5S system is a process for improving workplace productivity. It involves organizing work areas, cleaning up after oneself, and shining one’s shoes.

Now we will learn about all the parts (1S, 2S, 3S, 4S, and 5S) of 5S one by one.


1S – Sort


Keep only what is necessary

You must be knowing from the name itself that under this sorting has to be adopted, which means whatever object is not needed in the working area, we have to remove it from the work area.

To implement this, make a list of all the items and with the help of that list keep the necessary items with you and remove the unnecessary items from your work area.


Benefits Of 1S


1. The working area will look tidy and beautiful.

2. All the items will be arranged systematically so that it will not take time to find the items.


2S – Set In Order


2S ensures that all items have their own fixed location and that all items are kept in their place.

For this, arrange the objects according to their use and size and fix a sequence of them. You can also use Color Codes to avoid making mistakes in identifying objects. Keep the used item back in its proper place.


Benefits Of 2S


1. There will be no trouble in identifying the objects.

2. By keeping them in the proper place, the items will be able to be used easily.

3. Any new or old person will be able to get the items easily.


3S – Shine


To implement the 3S, kept cleaning the working area and objects at regular intervals so that their performance would not be affected.

Along with this, take care of the life span of the equipment, replace the faulty equipment immediately and provide proper service to the equipment, such as giving suitable lubricant or fixing the problem in a nut-bolt, etc. You will have to take the responsibility of cleaning instruments yourself, do not leave it to someone else.


Benefits Of 3S


1. If the workplace is clean, then you also feel good, and even when an outsider comes, your workspace has a good effect.

2. The production does not decrease when the service is given at the appropriate time because the defect in the equipment is removed in advance.

3. The life span of the equipment is increased.


4S – Standardize


Maintaining 1S, 2S, 3S i.e. Sorting, ordering, and polishing

To implement the 4S, follow the 1S, 2S, and 3S mentioned above and prepare a checklist like how and who will do all three steps. By doing this it will become a standard that will be mandatory for everyone to follow.


Benefits Of 4S


1. The quality of the company will be better, as a result of which the production will increase.

2. Everyone will work according to the standards.


5S – Sustainable


To implement this, make it a habit to do any work at the right time and develop such a system so that work is completed in the prescribed time by being disciplined and also following the company’s conditions and safety-related rules completely. 

For this, the employees need to be trained, and for this keep auditing the plant from time to time by dividing it into different zones.


Benefits Of 5S


1. Due to discipline, the chances of the work going wrong are reduced.

2. Time is not wasted.

3. Due to regular audits, wrong actions can be caught, which can be reviewed and rectified.

Disadvantages Of Not Using 5S

1. Unsafe workplace.

2. If an auditor or customer comes in, he may be dissatisfied.

3. There may be tension among the working people.

4. Not getting the equipment at the right time can result in huge losses.

Benefits Of Using 5S

1. There is cleanliness in the working area.

2. Good quality product is prepared.

3. It may be possible to send the goods on time.

4. There is less cost.

5. Safety standards are met.

6. The enthusiasm of the employees to work remains intact.

7. All the employees from the top level to the lower level are disciplined and trained.


Shelve– Store items in an easily accessible place.

Sort: Items should be arranged in a systematic way to make them easier to find.

Seize: When an opportunity to improve work efficiency arises, take action immediately.

Set in Order: Keep work areas clean and organized.

Store: Keep valuable items out of sight and reach of unauthorized people.

If an object is missing inside the organisation, if you get it in 30 seconds, it means 5S is Applicable in your organisation, this is the biggest advantage of 5S.

Friends 5S is used in TPM But 6s are used in World Class Manufacturing (WCM) friends there is not much difference between 5S and 6s.

In TPM, 5S means Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, Sustain while in WCM 6s means Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, Sustain, and Safety Thus the concept of WCM is also called 5S + Safety.

Friends 5S was first used in Japan under the Toyota Production System (TPS) and then with time, it was adopted by the whole world.

5S is the base of any organization, just as if the base of any house is not strong, building a high house cannot be thought of, similarly, a successful organization cannot be imagined without 5S.

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